hasselback potatoes w/ fresh pesto

you know you are obsessed with cooking and food when half your bookmarks are of recipes that you want to make. this one from joy the baker has been a bookmark for a while, thought i’d retire it. hasselback potatoes are basically potatoes sliced up all fancy, stuffed with garlic, with EVOO and S&P drizzled on top. E-A-S-Y. especially easy when you have a crew of awesome sous chefs helping.

Scrub and rinse the potatoes well. Cut into the potato like you are slicing it into several pieces, but do not cut all the way. Deep concentration is necessary.

Next, slice up slivers of garlic and stuff them into the openings.

Drizzle EVOO

Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on size of potatoes) at 425 degrees. Pour a generous amount of pesto on top, recipe here.


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