whenever it’s cold or rainy outside, i always have a huge craving for soondubu, which is a korean soft tofu soup. it’s been extra cold this week in texas (this is just after it being 70 degrees last week), so my body was craving some soup. a friend of mine, nick liao, posted this recipe to his facebook a few months ago and i’ve bookmarked it ever since. this lady is super cute (in a korean mom kind of way) and is very thorough in her explanation. since her 7-minute video is so informative and easy to follow, i’m not even going to post the recipe/directions here on my blog….just going to send you to Maangchi!

I couldn’t find the soondubu tofu at the chinese supermarket, so I ended up using extra soft tofu, which turned out just fine too. I also didn’t have a clay pot, so I just made mine in a regular stockpot. Still good! Since my mom doesn’t eat beef, I added striped bass fillets and some cucumbers for some greens. Thanks Maangchi!



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