Everyday Eats – July 2015

Ben and I eat elaborate home cooked meals every night. False.

Everything I cook tastes good. False.

Ben cooks for me every Tuesday. Broken promises.

Sometimes my friends ask if I’ve been cooking anything new (probably because my posts to this blog are sporadic). I’ve noticed that I tend to go through different phases, whether it be using a certain cooking method/appliance (slow cooking, dutch oven) or certain ingredients (seasonal, figuring out how to cook those vegetables you never think to buy at the grocery store).

Because I’m OCD, I thought it would be neat to document what meals I’ve cooked each month. It’s definitely not bolognese, beef noodle soup, and dungeness crab every night; some nights we eat frozen pizza and dumplings. Other nights, it’s leftover medley fried rice. Also, it’s funny to look back at all the dishes that went wrong (and will never make it to the blog) and think about how kind my husband is to eat them for his lunch many days afterwards….without complaining until the 3rd consecutive day and says “um, I’m really sorry, but I just couldn’t eat any more of _______.”

Exposing what we eat is a bit scary, but my hope is that these Everyday Eats posts either give you inspiration to try a new ingredient/method or simply give you a good laugh at some of the ridiculous things we eat. So, here goes!


July 2015

summer vegetables // roasted okra (my current obsession), 450 degrees for at least 15 minutes. heirloom tomatoes, so refreshing!, eat it straight up or sprinkle a dash of salt. roasted corn, so sweet! and a weekly staple during the summer.

cleaning out the freezer and pantry // chicken pieces from our Le Cordon Bleu butchery class, pesto I made from the leftover herbs we got from the Le Cordon Bleu class, expired fish sticks from when my mom cleaned out her fridge in April 2014 (3 months expired is fine!), and Progresso canned gumbo (not good. how did I eat this stuff in college?)

organic Asian food, does it exist? // I watched Food Inc recently (6 years late) and have been subjecting Ben and my co-workers to my organic, non-GMO, grass-fed talk. Been trying to walk the walk, checking labels, and even downloaded the non-GMO app. I haven’t made real Asian food in weeks, but at some point I’m going to cave in and go on a Ranch 99 non-organic shopping spree.


We checked out Cafe Momentum, a restaurant with a crazy roster of famous chefs whose mission is to teach at-risk young adults the skills necessary for running both the front and back of the house, and all the life skills that go along with that. One of our favorite dishes was the octopus tiradito appetizer.

The banh mi was from What the Pho inside Ranch 99. Buy 1 ($3.99), get 1 free.


Yep, we’re in our 30s and still eat cereal for dinner.


2 thoughts on “Everyday Eats – July 2015

  1. It is interesting. You will be surprised what I eat here and will show or cook when k stay w you!

    Shirley Sent from my iPhone


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