Everyday Eats – August 2015

August 2015

Eat the rainbow // Love it when I look down at my plate and see so many different and vibrant colors. I’ll intentionally buy different colored tomatoes (red, orange, and yellow) or rainbow carrots that come in orange, yellow, and purple. Purple and blue foods are tough to fold into your main entrees. So, I have just thrown in figs and blueberries to make the rainbow. What other purple and blue things can you eat?

Hosting // We’re trying to get better about not being hermits. But instead of going out, we’ve decided to stay in and just invite people over! Gives me a reason to try out new recipes and an excuse to make Ben clean the house. 🙂 This month, we invited friends over for mussels and figs and ended up celebrating that they’ll be parents soon! We also celebrated a recent engagement with potato leek soup and seared trout. Last week, we listened to our friends’ trip to Morocco with shrimp and honey-soy salmon.

Dallas Restaurant Week // Went to Nonna because I love their in-house, freshly made pasta. We also visited Pappas Bros Steakhouse because Ben wanted some steak to offset our recent rainbow meals with mostly veggies . Nonna and Lucia are still my favorite places to get fresh pasta dishes in Dallas, but we’re probably not going to be heading back to a steakhouse anytime soon. We ate so much at Pappas that I was literally rolling around on the closet floor in pain when we got home. And then I passed out on the couch from the half glass of wine I drank. Staying classy!







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